HOLIDAY ART - Standard Edition (PDF + SVG)
HOLIDAY ART - Standard Edition (PDF + SVG)
HOLIDAY ART - Standard Edition (PDF + SVG)
HOLIDAY ART - Standard Edition (PDF + SVG)
HOLIDAY ART - Standard Edition (PDF + SVG)
HOLIDAY ART - Standard Edition (PDF + SVG)

HOLIDAY ART - Standard Edition (PDF + SVG)

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There are so many possibilities with these pieces. Make bag charms, ornaments, key fobs, gift tags, price tags, or stitch them onto a bag!  

This listing is for a downloadable digital PDF pattern that includes an SVG cut file.  
From the dropdown menu, select either "PDF-Only" or "SVG with PDF" in a zip file. Price is the same.

1-The PDF (only) option is provided if you don't have a cutting machine or if your device is not compatible/unable to open a ZIP file to extract the PDF and SVG.

2-If you purchase the combo PDF+SVG in a ZIP file, you must have a device that is capable of downloading and extracting the zip file so you can access both the PDF and SVG file. You must know how to download and open the file(s) on your device. And you must know how to use an SVG cut file. 

There are NO refunds or discounts issued once ordered/paid and/or the digital items are fulfilled.

This product listing is the standard edition of the Holiday Art pattern.  If you are looking for the version with smaller pieces designed to fit Jordan Make-Up Case, click here.  Comes with pieces, svg files, but instruction not included.


  • 1 ORNAMENT TREE:  X-Large (3.75" high)
  • 3 TREES Large= 3.3" high, Medium=2.8" high and Small=2.8" high
  • 3 STARS:  Large=3" high, Medium=2.25" high, and Small=1.75" high


  • Non-Woven such as leather, cork, vinyl ... OR...
  • Cardstock in 80-lb


  • 6MM rivets for the ornament
  • hole punch (and/or small 1/8  - 1/4" grommet)
  • rope, ribbon, lobster clasp, or pendant hardware for hanging 
  • edge paint (if you want to color sides)


This is for a downloadable file. Once downloaded, no refunds are given. 

Please respect the work of the designer who put time and effort into drafting this pattern with it's pieces, methods and techniques.  While the concept of holiday trees and stars are not original, the specific draft of these shapes, pieces and the methods used to achieve their look were originally created and drafted by the designer. By accepting the pattern you agree to all that follows.

You agree not to photocopy, reproduce, or share the pattern or its’ pieces in any “format” with another person or entity. Formats mean items either physical or digital, and includes PDF, SVG, CAD, embroidery files, or other digital formats as well as physical formats where they are used to create acrylic templates or clicker dies. You may make printed copies of this pattern for your personal use, or use the SVG to cut out your material on a cutting machine such as Cricut, Brother Scan’n Cut, etc. for your personal use. If you have an interest in making clicker dies or acrylic templates from this pattern, please contact the designer to arrange a licensing fee. You may not copy or use the specific pieces from this pattern to make other patterns for sale or distribution to others. You must create your own original designs.

If you are an instructor and wish to use these pieces and pattern for a class, each of your students must purchase their own copy. You may not offer for sale acrylic templates, SVG/Cut Files, or embroidery file versions of this pattern based on these pieces. If you’d like to use these trees in a video or

video demo, please contact the designer for permission in advance. If you have interest in doing an instructional video on any aspects of this pattern, on YouTube, Facebook or otherwise, please contact the designer for permission in advance. In most cases, consent for this will not be unreasonably withheld providing pattern pieces themselves are not visible in the imagery.

You may sell hand-crafted/assembled and/or sewn items you make from this pattern providing they are not mass-produced. We are delighted and honored when you post images online of your final makes from this pattern. Mentioning the pattern name and URL is always appreciated. If you have a business interest in re-selling this pattern, please contact the designer for permission to arrange a re-sale licensing agreement.