Industrial Machines

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Frequently questions are posted online about which industrial machine to use for bag-making, which thread to use and with which needle. I'm sharing some of what I've learned from my industrial shopping journey and also some of my sources. If you're starting out your industrial journey, you'll find this helpful. It's what I wish I had been given when I started out - all in one place. 


Shopping for A Walking Foot Machine: When I first decided to take the plunge and buy an industrial for bag-making, I was a fish out of water. It took me months of research to decide things like single-feed or walking foot, which brand and model, what is needle positioning, which motor and do they really make a difference, what is triple-feed and is it better. And the big question bag makers ask: Juki 1541 or 1181. And is a Juki worth the premium.  And then, which dealer should you purchase from. This is the info I wished someone had given to me all in one place when I started out. After sharing it with individuals who found it helpful, I'm sharing it more widely here.

Go to:  Industrial Machine Shopping (What to Know) 


My Juki1541 New Owner - Cheat Sheet

My Thor1341 Cylinder Arm - Cheat Sheet

My Thor Bell Skiver  . . .  

 Bell Skiver Cheat Sheet

Some very helpful reference for new skiver owners. (I still keep this by my skiver.)