MY NAME IS - Name Badge Holder  (PDF & SVG)
MY NAME IS - Name Badge Holder  (PDF & SVG)
MY NAME IS - Name Badge Holder  (PDF & SVG)
MY NAME IS - Name Badge Holder  (PDF & SVG)
MY NAME IS - Name Badge Holder  (PDF & SVG)
MY NAME IS - Name Badge Holder  (PDF & SVG)

MY NAME IS - Name Badge Holder (PDF & SVG)

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***This listing is for a digital PDF pattern with the option to include the SVG. This option is in the drop down menu. To access the SVG with the PDF you must have a compatible device and be able to open a downloadable ZIP file. To use the SVG you must know how to use your cutting machine and its software. If you do not plan to use the SVG cut file or your device is not compatible with ZIP files, then purchase the PDF-only version instead. There are NO REFUNDS once a file has been downloaded.***


This pattern is for a name badge holder.  It is fast and easy to make. Most say it takes them 15-20 minutes. This holder enables you to personalize your name tag and stand out.

It was designed to be worn horizontally on a shorter lanyard and meant to be worn closer to your neck. This makes your name more visible when you are sitting down at an industrial machine or table or on a zoom call.  There are two holes at the top so that when the cord goes through both, the badge lays flat and doesn't flip over. 

Two sizes are included:
> Regular finishes 4.4" wide x 4" tall
> X-Large finishes 6" wide x 4.75" tall

LEVEL/SKILL: Very easy for any level. Skills include being able to cut into grooves and cut small holes. Or if using a cutting machine, you must know how to operate it along with its' software.


Fabric: Use a non-woven such as vinyl, cork or leather
Qty:  scrap that is 6.5" x 10"

Lanyard: use ribbon, cording or a pre-made lanyard
Qty: Approximately 1 yard

Optional Edge Finish:
use a non-bleed felt marker or leather paint.

> Scissors
>a utility knife may help cut into the grooves
>1/4" hole punch or shape cutter (or cut hole with small scissor)
>Double-sided tape

If using a cutting machine such as a Cricut Maker, it is recommended to use a "precision" blade so it cuts the narrow grooves and holes properly. (Utility blades that slide to turn do not cut shapes smaller than 3/4" particularly well.)


No refunds once downloaded. Please respect the work of the designer who put effort into the design of this pattern. By purchasing this pattern you agree to all that follows below.

You agree not to photocopy, reproduce, or share the pattern in any format with another individual or entity. You may make copies for your personal use. You may not offer for sale acrylic templates, SVG/Cut Files, or embroidery file versions of this pattern. You may not copy or use specific pieces from this pattern to make other patterns for sale or distribution to others.

You may sell sewn items you make from this pattern providing they are not mass-produced. We are delighted and honored when you post images online of your final sew ups from this pattern. And of course, mentioning the pattern name and URL is always appreciated.

If you have interest in doing any classes, courses, or instructional videos on this pattern or any aspects of it, whether in person or on YouTube or otherwise, please contact the designer for permission in advance. In most cases, consent will not be unreasonably withheld providing pattern pieces themselves are not visible in the imagery or specific dimensions revealed. If you are an instructor with permission to use this pattern, your students must each purchase their own copy.

If you have a business interest in re-selling this pattern, please contact the designer for permission to arrange licensing with a re-sale agreement. Contact information is on the web site.

You understand that if you download the ZIP file you must be able to open it with a compatible computer or device, and you should make sure beforehand that your device is able to download and open the file. (For example some devices such as a Kindle or some mobile devices may not compatible with ZIP files. If you can not open a ZIP, go with the PDF-only version instead, which is provided for this reason.