Frame Kits (Standard Collection)

Frame Kits are the creative system for customizing your FRAME IT eyeglass case pattern.

Frame Kits come in a variety of exciting styles enabling you to customize your FRAME IT! eyeglass case to suit your personal style or that of someone you gift. Frame Kits are purchased individually as paid pattern add-ons.  They are designed to work with the different sized cases provided in the main FRAME IT pattern - Large (L), Medium (M) and Small (S). 

  • Standard Collection Frame Kits come with 3-4 frames per kit (depending on the style and also how many frames will fit on one page. The sizes of the frames provided will vary depending on the kit's theme. See each kit's description for details.
  • Special Edition Frame Kits come with the number of frames or pieces that are related to the kit's theme and can vary, but typically there are 2-3 pieces per kit. 

Frame Kits are pattern add-ons. You will need the main Frame It! eyeglass pattern to use Frame Kits. The frame kits only come with pattern pieces and minimal instruction. The full directions are provided in the main pattern.