Having trouble opening a ZIP file. Read this.


Make sure the file is fully and completely downloaded before you double click on the zip file. It's easy to be impatient, I know I am. However, this is often the number one issue. 



On a Mac you should be able to double click (or right click) the zip file and it should automatically open. If your Zip won’t open and you get a “Win” Zip message that asks you to purchase WinZip, don't but do read below.


WinZip Installed On A Mac (From a Third Party)

Sometimes when you download a zip file from a (not so reputable software seller, who gives you something free) they also download the WinZip app along with the zipped file. This can cause your Mac to default to opening the file with WinZip instead of Apple’s native Archive utility and cause issues.  With WinZip, the file won’t open and/or it will tell you need to purchase the WinZip application.  Do not purchase this App. Read on to easily fix this.

Go into your Mac Applications Folder. If you see the WinZip.app, you might want to remove it and instead use Apple’s native Archive zip application. Once you remove the WinZip app, you need to re-assign Apple's default Archive app.

If you're not sure how to do this, you can call Apple tech support (800.275.2273) and have them walk you thru removing the WinZip app and then making sure Apple’s Archive app is re-assigned as the default. Below is a link from Apple about ZIP files that may also help.


Link from Apple




I do not use a PC so I can’t personally speak to this. But this article from WinZip may help. Or you can contact Microsoft Tech Support. Here is a link from WinZip. 

Link from WinZip




Some older mobile devices do not open zip files, or there may be an app or setting you need to configure.  For this you will need to contact tech support from the device manufacturer, or go into your local mobile service provider's retail shop and ask them for help.



Sometimes when a designer issues an update to a pattern, the initial link in the initial email you got no longer works (because the file has been renamed.) This depends on the commerce  platform being used, such as Shopify.  Usually when the new/updated pattern is released the commerce platform may send out an automated email, but sometimes it does not, or sometimes you just miss that email. You can email the pattern designer and ask them to re-send you the automated email with the updated link.

But you may want to check all of the above first.