Artist Statement

…and congratulations on your creative curiosity!   I am an artisan and the house designer behind Simple Artful Stuff. I believe in making simple artful things that are also useful.

I’ve been sewing since the age of 11 when my grandmother taught me on her industrial Singer. She helped me make a costume for a school play. Like many who learn to sew at a young age, sewing would wane and ebb depending on the other goings on in life.


While I've sewn for many years, it was after being besotted by a fiber art exhibition in a New York City gallery that really kindled my fire. I was enamored and inspired by what could be created using fiber. So, I started a new journey with art-quilting. I also took apparel sewing, and pattern making courses in the garment district of New York City because I also love fashion and accessories. I also used to make doll clothes (for my niece when she was little), which were inspired by the designer-runway trends.

For me working with fiber, fabric, paint, and other mixed media is very meditative. I began mixing fabric with my photography. I believe in making a little bit of art every day, even if it's a small card to share with someone else.


When I lived in New York I also trained as a fine-art photographer. I studied photography at ICP in New York and also at workshops in Italy. Some of my work has been exhibited in group shows at New York Galleries.

As a sewist, fine-art photographer, and former creative strategist in advertising (my full-time job for over 35 years before I retired), my favorite phase in the development of a project is the process of auditioning shape, color, texture, and textiles to see how they all play together. I love handbags and accessories so I just naturally fell into designing bag patterns— small artisan bags and quick-sew items that can be completed in a day.

My first pattern called "FRAME IT! Eyeglass Case" was inspired by my vintage collection of eyewear from around the world.

My various Mini Bag Charm patterns are inspired by the anatomy of both classic and contemporary bag styles.  Some pay homage to the iconic "It-Bags" of famous 20th-Century fashion designers.  All in miniature of course!

With all my creative interests it is sewing I always come back to.  But sewing can be an isolating experience. And I believe that collaborating with other artisans makes the journey more exciting. I am grateful for the input from other designers and my Facebook sewing communities.

Sewing is a labor of love. I create pieces for joy. I sew at my own pace. When I do sell items, I make no profit. The money simply goes into covering materials and supplies. If you purchase an item from me, your support enables me to continue to sew simple, artful, and useful things.  And to continue to share them with you.

Thanks for taking time to read a little bit about me!
Love what you do. Enjoy your artful day. And remain curious! 

P.S. This is what the garment sewing factory looked like where my grandmother worked when she first came to America. It was a sweat shop. (Those wood chairs don't look particularly comfortable.) She sewed wedding gowns to pay for room and board. I am forever grateful to her for teaching me how to sew.