COLOR TRENDS: Spring/Summer 2021

Now that the Spring/Summer'21  runway shows are over, here are the colors that seem popular among many of the designers. Color trend forecasts are done up to 18-24 months in advance and the fashion designers start working with them early.  It's always fun to see how the designers "interpret" the forecasted color trends and incorporate them into their collections. The shows run September-October 2020 for fashion collections that begin releasing in Retail stores in March 2021.

Fabric and garment colors are mostly pastel, with a lot of green being shown.  The first chart includes colors I especially love that were among the broader palette across all the shows. The essential core/neutrals are the bridge colors you will see in handbags, shoes, and accessories; as well as being mixed into combination with the more bold and colorful tones. 


Below is the FULL color forecast report across all global markets.  (I haven't had a chance to PROOF-READ all the Hex and PMS color codes yet. Sorry. So use numbers at your own risk.) 

In closing there were a few designers that used softer variations of this Pirouette pink that were not on the actual forecast. Some of those were combined with the neutrals and were so sophisticated, and some combined these pinks cheerfully with coral, marigold and yellow. I'll post those later.