Dream Factory - Hot Stamping Machine

This is the hot stamping machine I have. This is a high-quality machine and very well made. Here is what I love about it, and what annoys me.


  • Convenience of swing-away arm so can see VERY clearly what you are placing on the platform to center it.
  • The platform has great lines/markings to center things.
  • The slide in adapter is “self-centering”
  • They offered multiple adapters and tools
  • The heat seems to remain consistent once it gets to the set temperature
  • They ship out fast. It arrives from South Korea in a week (but its Fedex/expensive and they don't seem to give you a shipping choice.)



Considering the high price of this machine…

  • No instructions were included on temp settings or how to use it. (Only how to set it up.)
  • The fact that it takes a bit of initial fiddling to figure out how to set the correct height of that top arm, so it clicks downward in place properly to actually stamp. (Once you figure that out you’re fine)
  • It does take a bit of time to heat up to the temp you set. Not overly long, but you do have to wait.  (However, I have no comparision to other machines.)

VIEW Anne's PDF with specs


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