Favorite Scissors

My Go-To Favorite Scissors

A confession is that I am picky about my scissors. I admit that I have quite a collection that I've acquired over the years. Yet there are only a handful that I use the most.  I've learned that the right scissor can make a big difference in the cut you get and how much easier that job can be.

My go-to scissors are the ones I always reach for first and they tend to be Kai. but there are some others. The Kai 7000 Pro series are the best but also the most expensive. And in truth you don't always need the 7000 series as for many things the regular 5000 series work just fine. Ginger scissors are heavy but for some tasks they can't be beat and last forever.

I also get asked a lot what I use to cut out the eyeglass frames in my Frame It! pattern line.  In this pattern using the proper sharp and short scissors to cut out the frames can make a significant difference in terms of easy maneuvering of the small curves and getting a precise cut. It makes the job easier and more fun. For this task I use the small 6-inch large handle Kai N5626 for cutting out the vinyl.  (I do not use these to cut out the paper pieces. For that I use Tim Holtz Tonic  5" Micro Kush-Handle serrated/non-stick scissors.)

See the attached PDF file for images of all my top choices and also where to shop and buy.

Click Here For PDF:  Go-To Scissors