SKIVING - Anne's Recommended Items

Below are some of the items I use and recommend.

These clone skivers are pretty much the same. What matters most is to purchase from a reputable dealer you can rely on to call when you have questions/issues.  I highly recommend: Sunny Sewing Machines. 


Clamp Mirror:  Search on for "Clamp on Security Mirrors". Just make sure the clamp can open wide enough (app 1.75") to fit the table thickness.

10" Tweezers:  Search Aquarium or Fish Tank Tweezers. The 10-inch length is the perfect size but they come in different lengths.


 Wuta is an up and coming Chinese brand. As of today's date they only carry the two size above. But they are excellent quality. I recommend the 8mm from them--price is excellent for the quality.  However my favorite size is 10mm.