Tandy Leather Rose


Learning How to Wet Mold Leather And Make A Flower

I learned how to make this flower at my local Tandy store.  The class was inexpensive and included a pattern/template and included all the supplies to make the Rose. To find a class near you, go to the TandyLeather.com, from menu choose store locations, and the classes are usually listed on the bottom of the page. Or you can call the store and ask them about this class.


How The Flower is Made

The flower is cut out from thin veg-tan leather, strung thru a flower wire, wet-molded, painted, then sprayed with a glossy finishing spray. There is a Tandy video on YouTube on how to make this Rose Flower, which you can watch here:



How To Get The Fower Pattern/Template

To get the pattern from Tandy you need to take the class. But you might walk into your local Facebook Tandy store and see if they will give you a copy.  Or you can also search on the Tandy Leather Facebook page for “Tandy Flower Pattern.” And you may just come across a photo of the template you can download!