Grommet Connector Cutting Aid  (PDF & SVG)
Grommet Connector Cutting Aid  (PDF & SVG)
Grommet Connector Cutting Aid  (PDF & SVG)
Grommet Connector Cutting Aid  (PDF & SVG)

Grommet Connector Cutting Aid (PDF & SVG)

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If you love the look of Bar/D-Ring Grommet Connectors and you've purchased some or plan to, this maker's cutting aid is a convenience you'll appreciate. It makes installation easier and adds stability to the grommets. 

If you have a cutting machine, select either PDF with SVG  which downloads as a zip file).  If you will be cutting manually, select PDF Only. Price is the same. Once purchased there are no refunds.

This pattern provides convenient templates for cutting and reinforcing Bar/D-Ring Grommet Connectors. 

Why might you need this? This SVG pattern provides you with the two convenient templates you didn't know you needed until you use it!  One template is for placing and cutting out the opening.  The other is a "washer" piece (perfectly sized for a tight fit) so you can reinforce thinner materials; this gets insert between the two grommet discs for greater stability.

This is a maker's "template" pattern and does not include instruction on how to install the grommet. However, It includes a few important tips for cutting, and takes the guesswork out of how to make the right cut shape.


Materials (For 2 Grommets)
> Washer:  Decovil Light or Salpa  (Cut 2 using:  3x3" piece)
> Tracing/Cutting Template:  Cut 1 in Cardstock for tracking (3x4")


  • Very thin non-bleed pen for tracing
  • A cutting machine; or if cutting by hand use small sharp craft scissors
  • Note: A screwdriver and some (hardware) glue is needed for installing the grommets


If you have a cutting machine, you must know how to use it and make appropriate blade/mat choices and software settings, including re-scaling/sizing if needed.  If you select PDF with SVG, you must have a compatible device capable of downloading and opening the zip file.

This is a digital pattern. No refunds once purchased.